Turtle Dice

Version 2.1
1999-2001 Greg Pierce, Turtle Productions.


Turtle Dice is a simple implementation of a single-player yahtzee-like game.

Turtle Dice is $10 shareware. Shareware is a honors system, and if you don't mind the pause when launching the game, it will continue to work forever...but we hope you will encourage us and other small developers by supporting the system and registering the game. To register online, visit http://www.turtleprod.com/register/. Turtle Dice may be freely distributed, assuming no alterations to the original package are made.

Registered users of Turtle Dice 1.0 and Turtle Dice 2.0 may use the same activation code for Turtle Dice 2.1.

System Requirements

Turtle Dice is available in three versions, all of which are available for download at our website:


Short and Simple...

Turtle Dice is a simple implementation of a yahtzee-like dice game. To begin a game, click the roll button. To roll the die, select the die you wish to roll (ie, pick them up) by single-clicking and push the roll button. To score a roll, click on the desired spot in the scorecard. You may undo a misplaced score before you roll your next turn with the undo button, or by selecting "undo" under the "Edit" menu...you may not, of course, undo a roll.

Sounds may be toggled on and off by using the "Sound" command in the "Edit" menu.

Score previewing also may be toggled in the "Edit" menu or Preferences dialog. When on, the scorecard will display the score you would get if you were to click in the box, before you actually click.

To begin a new game, select "New" from the "File" menu.

In the "Preferences" dialog under the "Edit" menu, you may select dice sets that may be more pleasing to the eye and your personal taste.

The Full Explaination...

Turtle Dice is played as a series of turns. You begin each turn by rolling five dice. You then have two additional rolls, in which you may re-roll any number of dice to improve your score. Select dice to re-roll by clicking on them (ie, picking them up).

At any time during a turn, you may choose to score the roll by clicking on the appropriate box in the scorecard. You may score in any of the columns in any order. The game ends when all boxes on the scorecard are full.

The scoring hierarchy is similar to that of Poker, and works as follows: